Hotel Matian, Querétaro, México


Designated a “Magical Town” in 2012 by Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR), Tequisquiapan (also known locally as Tequis), is famous for its proximity to Querétaro’s Wine and Cheese Route, not to mention the city’s Wine and Cheese Fair, held every year in May. The town’s cobblestone streets are lined with colorful homes and its many art galleries showcase onyx and opal creations, the boutiques are filled with beautiful clothing made of soft cotton manta material, and there are several bars dedicated to the area’s wine culture. Tequis is the ideal destination to visit as a couple or with your family and friends.

Tequisquiapan (the name literally means “place of water and tequesquite,” a natural mineral salt) is known for the hospitality of its people, serene ambiance, blue skies, clean air, and excellent year-round climate, not to mention its charming narrow streets and colorful buildings with their windows framed in wrought iron and bright bougainvillea, reminiscent of Mexico’s past.

Located only 40 minutes by car from the city of Querétaro and one and a half hours from Mexico City, this Magical Town is an excellent option for a weekend getaway. Wondering what you can do in Tequisquiapan? At Matian Hotel Boutique we’ve put together a brief overview of places to go and things to see during your upcoming visit:

México Me Encanta Museum

This unique museum, just one block from the central plaza, is home to a world reinvented in miniature. Artisan Teresa Cisneros invested more than 30 years of work creating over ten display cases with 500 characters set in over 175 dioramas of traditional Mexican scenes.

St. Mary of the Assumption Parrish

The construction of this temple, which is located right on Miguel Hidalgo square, began back in 1874 and wasn’t finished until the 20th century. Its distinctive neoclassical façade is made from pink Cantera stone with a tower decorated with symmetrical flowers. Guests are welcome to come inside every day starting at 8 a.m.

Mercado and Handicraft Shop

This marketplace found right in the heart of Tequisquiapan offers shoppers a variety of handicrafts created in Querétaro’s communities. Artisan-made crafts include textiles; opal and quartz jewelry; pieces made out of wrought iron, clay, ceramic, or leather; as well as objects made of woven willow and cypress root and the famous hand-woven baskets. Open daily from 10 a.m.

La Pila Park

In 1567, the Spaniards living in Tequisquiapan took advantage of the water from the nearby natural springs to build this canal, bringing it all the way into the Hacienda Grande. Today, the area is a public park filled with leafy shade trees, a favorite for afternoon strolls, especially on days when it hosts local cultural events.

Mineral Springs Spas

For years, Tequisquiapan has been known for its hot springs, which offer bathers wellness and health benefits. The local spas incorporate this mineralized water into their specialty treatments.

Wine and Cheese Route

Querétaro’s Wine and Cheese Route is a must for any visitor. The tour consists of a series of stops at wineries and cheese factories that can take place in one day or over a weekend to savor the different types of cheeses and wines produced in the region. Although several operators offer organized tours, it can also be done independently as all the places are easily accessible. Apart from these activities, every visitor should include a walk around the town to view the colonial architecture that still dominates the main streets. If you’d like to learn more about Tequisquiapan and the signature events held throughout the year in our Magical Town, please visit